Monday, 19 October 2009

Exaggeration and Morphing

This came from me pulling faces and drawing them but emphasising certain parts for example the mouth and eyes.I wanted my drawings to be a exaggerated version of me and i feel that in order to have achieved this i needed to pick out key characteristics from my self and the main one was my hair. During this project i started by drawing a very detailed version of my final design and decided that because i wanted it to move smoothly when animated that it would only need to move it very slightly in each frame and so because i would have to keep drawing the same image over and over again i needed to simplify my design so that it would be less time consuming, and so that people would focus more on whats happening to the facial expressions than the detail to the hair or eyes.
Although this was a very time consuming project i really enjoyed this one because i am really into character design and so facial expressions are all involved in this and so it has helped me learn how i can morph one face into another to create a series of expressions which people recognise straight away.
If i did this again i know that the one thing i wouldn't do is double line all of my drawings because although the thicker line looks more effective it took so much longer and i think that drawing a single outline would have taken less time.

Flip Book Animation

Flip Book Animation
Because this was my first animation i decided to keep my design and story simple and so i decided to do my flip book using only stick men. After deciding to use stick men i thought that although i wanted to keep it simple i also wanted to make it challenging and so i added two characters into the story. The story is based around a girl falling and a superhero flying and catching her.
Due to the face that our group decided that we should all start and end with a dot i thought that the whole girl falling would work out quite well because the further away the character was falling the smaller she would get and so eventually she would look like a small dot which is exactly the effect i was looking for and so i was pleased with this.
After doing this project i found out that it was more time consuming than i first realised because when i thought 100 pages of drawing a stick man i thought it wouldn't take that long because it doesn't look that much but after doing it i realised just how long the process of animation is.
If i were to do this again i think that one thing i would do differently would be to use the lightbox's when drawing it because i decided not to and when you watch my final one the girl appears to grow bigger because i couldn't see it very well through the blue post it notes.