Monday, 26 April 2010


Final Domino Effect

finished room


Teddy Bear




The Lamp

The Kimmi Doll


The Desk

The Computer

The Chair

When i out the 3d model mode on i could really see how the chair was starting to form and i really liked this chunky effect. Another reason it needed to be chunky is because i needed a teddy bear to be able to sit on top of it without it needing anything for it to lean back on and so this design was perfect for this.

This is the wire frame for my chair. i didnt want a typical chair i wanted it to be a chunky modern one with thick legs due to it looking right within my room. it is made of cubes that have been believed to make them look rounded/ comfy.

The Books
For the other books i simply duplicated the first/original one and slanted them at one another creating a bookshelf image. i feel that they worked really well to create realistic books that actually look like they have pages in them.

These two images show how i created the books i used cubes as the main sides and pages of the books just duplicating them to create the pages and making them slightly bigger on the sides of the books.for the spine i used a cylinder and another cylinder to create an interception/ hole in the middle in which i hoped that i could slot the pages into makeing it look like a real book.

The Bedside Table

I decided that i wanted to keep this modern effect running through out all of the items in the animation and so i realized that in most rooms people tend to have furniture of the same style within the room and so i wanted to use this in my own work.

As you can see b y leaving the draw open it makes it appear to look like someone actually lives in the room because it is messy/untidy and not perfect which i feel makes the animation more believable because if everything is perfect people will start to pick out things within the animation which dont work because they are not as perfect as the setting.
This is the wire frame for my bedside table. i used cube and cylinders within this design.An extra thing i used in this design was leaving one of the draws open and in order to do this i used the parent tool to attach/ link the handle of the draw to all of the main frame of the base so that i could move it separately in and out without trying to group every bit each time.

The Bed

This is the final bed and i am very pleased with how it has turned out. One thing i couldn't get to work out as realistic as i wanted it to was the pillows because i couldn't get them to round as much as i wanted them to and so they still appear to look slightly square.
The textures again helped to create a atmosphere of realism within this item i decided i wanted the room to base 0n my actual room and so i took similar patterns for the duvet and used planar mapping to stretch the textures across the duvet so that it didnt look blurred and was in the same direction as the fabric.
This is the mattress, pillows and duvet for the bed. for them all i used the cube tool to create these simple shapes and then used the bevel tool and rotation tool to help me make more complicated shapes resembling the actual objects they were based on.

For my room i wanted a modern realistic look for all my furniture and so i felt that one way i could make my items look like this is by the textures that i used on them. for the main frame of the bed i used a floor board texture because it was the colour that i wanted and also it made the bed look realistic because of the knots in the wood.
This is the bed i designed on maya it is amde up of simple polygons of cubes. I decided that i wanted it to look as realistic as possible and so in order to do this i wanted to model it on an actual bed including things such as bed slacks and holes going through the head board.
I used the boleans tool in maya to intercept the little holes in the head board which took time to do but i feel was worth it in the end because it has the effect that i wanted which was for it to look as realistic as possible.